Monday, November 15, 2010

Cedar Feet

How could I not have posted on this wee blog since July?  Oh dear.

Anyway, some Emily Dickinson for your Monday.  I read a bit this morning and she so quietly spoke to me that I nearly convinced myself she was haunting my office and would appear in her lacey white dress.  But she didn't.


There is a strength in proving that it can be borne
Although it tear--
What are the sinews of such cordage for
Except to bear
The ship might be of satin had it not to fight--
To walk on the seas requires cedar feet


Amara said...

Uh oh. That's not what I'd like to be relating to right now! At least it's beautiful.

Deja said...

It's kind of hopeful though, right? Tell yourself you have cedar feet.

belann said...

We sort of all need cedar feet right now, it seems.

kathy w. said...

I got excited when I saw that you had posted here again. Thanks for the poem.

And if Emily ever DOES appear in your office, you'll be sure to let us know, right?